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How A-Mazing are you? Program your robot to pick up and dispose of some toxic waste using as few simple commands as possible.
Contributed By: Dakota Science Center
How many coins can you float? Experiment with aluminum foil in a boat and a ball.
Do you have animal attraction? You can right in your own back yard with some craft supplies, your imagination and a little help from Mother Nature.
Contributed By: Chicago Botanic Garden
Can you build a car that runs on air? Using household materials, experiment with the power of air to create thrust powerful enough to move a homemade car.
Contributed By: The Children's Museum
Does yeast breathe? Find out by watching plastic bags filled with yeast, warm water and different amounts of sugar.
Students will explore density and buoyancy as they design and construct rafts.
Build and test a model of a rainforest canopy walkway. Rainforest researchers must consider materials, transportation, and cost so they don't damage the fragile canopy environment as they study it.
Make a bridge out of a folded piece of paper and two blocks. Test your structure by stacking coins (and other things) on it. How much weight can your bridge support before it crashes?
Contributed By: New York Hall of Science
Students will investigate how structures defy the laws of gravity as they explore center of gravity.
Contributed By: COSI Toledo
Students will explore how a computer works by making cartoon flipbooks.
This experiment hits the spot! Design and build a catapult and launch sponge cubes at a target.
Contributed By: New England Aquarium
Did you know you can use sound waves to see things? Submarines use sonar to 'see' where they're going in dark waters by interpreting the reflection of sound waves off things in the ocean. Ultrasound is another...
Make impact craters with marbles (or rocks) in a container of flour. Find out what you can tell about your "comets" by the craters they make.
Can you solve the crime? Find out how DNA profiling can make sense of a crime scene and help I.D. a culprit from a list of suspects. Learn the DNA Basics, investigate the Crime Scene and experiment in the Lab and become a...
Contributed By: Explore @ Bristol
Will you scramble eggs? Discover how an egg at rest stays at rest with an egg, a broom, an empty toilet paper roll, a pie pan and a glass of water.
Contributed By: St. Louis Science Center
Create a maze inside a shoebox with blocks of wood. Have a friend figure out where the blocks are by listening as a marble rolls inside the box. Using energy waves like sound, to determine the position of an object is called...
Amaze your friends by balancing forks on a toothpick and "fork it over" the center of gravity!
Objects can't feel anxious when they have a deadline, but they do feel pressure, and they react to stress. Investigate the relationship between force, area and pressure in this experiment, but don?t get stressed out!
Contributed By: IBM Corporation
You can get it with a glass of water, some wire, conductors and a battery!
Contributed By: Discovery Centre
Make a parachute! Discover gravity in action with some plastic bags, string and small stones.
Contributed By: COSI Columbus