Classroom Setup


Classroom Setup
21 Mar 2011
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The way you arrange the physical layout of your classroom can affect student performance. Classroom management, flow, lesson objectives and the needs of your students’ are all factors to consider.

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I viewed theClassroom

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I viewed theClassroom Setup video segment. I thought that it provided a nice variety of classroom arrangements, explaining in basic terms how each setup can be more teacher-centered or student-centered. The focus of each setup and the potential for collaboration was made clear. The visual arrangement of the desks was also clearly illustrated. At some point, I think that it would be helpful to provide some concrete examples (perhaps in separate videos) of how a certain setup can cater towards a style of learning (kinesthetic, tactile, auditory, etc.) and/or teaching (problem-based learning, inquiry, etc.).

This is a great video to

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This is a great video to inform teachers of the different options when setting up a classroom. It provides diagrams of each setup and what activities it may be most effective for. I alternate between rows and small-group instruction, depending on the activity.

I really liked the visuals

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I really liked the visuals used to demonstrate different classroom setups! They really show how different setups can be used for different types of instruction. However, I would like to see the video mention some of the drawbacks of each model... Is the small group model less conducive to classroom management? Also, I would like to hear the video touch on the idea of switching classroom setups to show viewers that a classroom is not static and can be changed to suit the various needs of the lesson.

i found classroom arrangement

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i found classroom arrangement a very interesting which i know only two of the them. Thank you

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