You Are What You Drink!
Mar 21 2011
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pollution, water, filtration, filter, water treatment, environmental engineer, contaminants, disinfection, public health


Earth Science

Workplace Skills: 

Raising Questions
Secondary Research

Estimated Time Required:

1-2 hours

Target Grade (Ages):

Grade 6 (Ages 11-12)

Diversity Indicators:

This lesson is appropriate for all learners and encourages different ways of thinking and learning.

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Dime lo que bebes y te diré

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Dime lo que bebes y te diré quién eres.... excelente proyecto para realizar en aula, creando en los alumnos aprendizajes significativos para su vida presente y futura, que les arroje un aprendizaje a aplicar en su vida cotidiana cuando se les presente una problemática como la que plantea al beber agua sucia y con estos aprendizajes los alumnos podrán realizar un filtro logrando así  la interiorización de palabras como: contaminación, agua, filtrado, filtrar, tratamiento del agua, ingeniero ambiental, contaminantes, desinfectar, salud pública.Gracias por compartir... :)

WOW!, I loved this lesson, I

Stardustsof's picture
WOW!, I loved this lesson, I find it so useful, the way you explain how to do the lesson in the classroom, the information that you provide, I was thinking in add some more inforation that can help my students indentify the new voacbulary and understand why it is importat follow the sings if the water is not clean or if they have to do something else before drinking it. I hope they get new ideas to try to have a better world, and more than that I hope they can realize that they can also be those who going to change the world, have nice results making something to clean the water.