Simple Machine in Action
Apr 20 2011
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simple machines, mechanical advantage, work, inclined plane, lever, pulley, force, distance, power


Physical Science

Workplace Skills: 

Raising Questions
Problem Solving
Use of Data
Independent Thinking

Estimated Time Required:

3-5 hours

Target Grade (Ages):

Grade 6 (Ages 11-12)
Grade 7 (Ages 12-13)
Grade 8 (Ages 13-14)

Diversity Indicators:

This lesson is appropriate to all types of learners, catering to multiple intelligences.

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I really like the simple machines matching worksheet. I know its geared towards younger students with special needs but I believe I would be able to use this with my lower leveled 6th graders.

I really appreciate the

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I really appreciate the assessments adaptations to this lesson. I can certainly use these assessments to differentiate testing perhaps for the English Language Learners and for my groups that need more support to access the curriculum .

I am teaching introductory

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I am teaching introductory Physics in a transfer high school and still use this. My students are so engaged with their projects.

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A siple machine is an

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A siple machine is an exceptional kind of slanted plane - it expands the cinching power to the detriment of separation. Pretty much every kind of devise, machine or cutting edge accommodation thing that you can consider is held together in somehow with screws or fasteners.

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