Our Tilted Earth: The Story behind the Seasons!
Apr 20 2011
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axis, seasons, hemisphere, seasons, globe, temperature, climate, climatogram, rotation, revolution, earth, sun, summer, winter, spring, fall, equator


Earth Science

Workplace Skills: 

Raising Questions

Estimated Time Required:

less than 1 hour

Target Grade (Ages):

Grade 8 (Ages 13-14)

Diversity Indicators:

ADHD: Could be a monitor. This is a great lesson for kinesthetic learners. This might be difficult for students with mobility issues. Plan accordingly.

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Great idea!

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This topic is a very difficult for students to grasp. I've never seen it approached using temperature as part of a lesson- which makes complete sense. I would do this in conjunction with the AIMS activity "pasta parallels". This lesson uses angel hair pasta to represent the sun's rays; a good visual that would represent the sun's rays in another manner. I think that the two lessons would be good to do together for students in younger grades or for those students who are not grasping the concept. For this posted lesson- I would love to see more handouts/worksheets to help reinforce what the students are learning. Otherwise I think the activity itself is a great idea. Thanks!

The handouts were amazing and

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The handouts were amazing and very well laid out. I really liked the way it was introduced with the PowerPoint and video clips. Although sometimes we tend to start this type of lesson with a hands-on engage or demonstration it seemed more meaningful for the students to begin it in with the steps that this lesson was arranged. My students we very engaged in each part of the lesson.

I did not feel that this was a lesson that could be done in the “Less than One Hour” timeframe. This lesson took me two class periods and could have easily taken more. I would recommend this upgraded to the “1-2 Hour” or “2-3 Hour” time range.

Thanks for this lesson! My

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Thanks for this lesson! My students liked it! Although we spent on it more than two hours, all students received great satisfaction from learning. Thanks a lot again, our class is waiting for new lessons!