Organic or Conventional
Mar 20 2011
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produce, food, organic, growing

Target Grade (Ages):

Grade 6 (Ages 11-12)
Grade 7 (Ages 12-13)

Estimated Time Required:

2-3 hours

Diversity Indicators:

Appropriate for all types of learners.

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April 27, 2011 - 8:14pm

Where was the IWB

Where was the IWB presentation? This theme requires background information and knowledge suitable for older pupils or 'passionate' participants brought up in an environmentally aware ethos. The task had few confines or parameters - the only guidance was the frame for the powerpoint. Time commitment is high perhaps a mini project or off curriculum theme using cross curricular skills - we have to 'ring fence' sites for younger children to research. One of the links would not open for me (first). Money organic is more expensive can all families afford the luxury? Is it a luxury or necessity? Expert advice seems to be more of a guideline than a rule; controversial. Going back to farming before all its 'advances' and interventions! Open ended task/open to interpretation. I am used to younger students so shy away from 'open ended debates' - perhaps an area of personal development. We are an Eco-School - compost, garden, recycle etc but I feel uneasy preaching. Still advocating 5 fruits or vegetables-a-day!
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April 27, 2011 - 8:14pm

http://www.geographyteachingt ... Found this link - where to site a supermarket with some related links.