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Fool your eyes as you design and create an optical illusion toy that makes two pictures appear to become one.
Contributed By: St. Louis Science Center
What do a clarinet, a saxophone and a harmonica have in common? Each one makes music thanks to a vibrating strip of material. Explore vibration and sound as you create your own instrument and experiment to make different...
Contributed By: New York Hall of Science
In this 'attractive' experiment you will use static electricity to create a cool snow globe where the snow falls up!
Students will explore density as they investigate the reaction between milk and soap.
Contributed By: Explora
Do you think you can 'see' things with you hands? Use you sense of touch to get information about an object and see if you tell what it is!
Contributed By: Louisville Science Center
Investigate turbidity in a jar-measure the light intensity of a jar of water using a flashlight and some black construction paper. As the turbidity increases, the murkier the water becomes and less light is able to shine...
Contributed By:
Mix the solutions and watch the reaction as drops of primary color pop, spread and combine to form new colors in this underwater investigation.
Contributed By: COSI
Create a water whirler from a piece of cardboard and some string. Place a cup of water on the cardboard platform and whirl it in circles. When whirled fast enough, the centripetal force acting on the cup and water keeps it...
Contributed By: COSI
Biosphere in a baggie! Add soil, seeds and a little water, mix with sunlight and observe a microcosm of the water cycle that sustains life on Earth!
Contributed By: Queens Botanical Garden
Blow like the wind! Discover the wacky world of wind direction with some bubbles, a map and a keen eye.
How high can you fly? Build and test an airplane wing with some paper, cardboard, skewers, and a fan.