Kids Experiments


71 Experiments
Grab some friends and navigate like whales! Put your ears to the test as you search for your friends, blindfolded, with only echolocation as your guide.
Contributed By: Carnegie Science Center
Create an oil slick with vegetable oil in a bowl of water. Oil and water make an immiscible solution-the elements never mix and will always separate into layers. Find the best method to clean up the oil.
Contributed By: COSI
Think a penny can?t do much anymore? Think again - and experiment with pennies, vinegar and a metal object.
Break the tension! Use water, pepper and some soap to discover the wonders of surface tension.
Do you want to move faster? Catch that ball that you never seem to see in time? Use a simple test to help you improve your reaction time!
Contributed By: New York Hall of Science
Build a pinwheel that spins using the same principles as a rocket booster.
What seed is worth its salt? Discover how the salt in soil affects plant growth with a few seeds, some cotton and salt.
Will it be fun or fry? Find out how important sunscreens are and save your skin.
Contributed By: Chemistry for Life
What makes cheese so cheesy? Find out with some milk, vinegar and a coffee filter!
Contributed By: New York Hall of Science
Don't scream for ice cream -- make your own with milk, sugar, flavoring and some 'salt-water' ice.
Do you have guts? Dissect a perch and a crayfish and find out how much guts they have too!
Contributed By: Science Museum of Virginia
Use color and principles of light and optics to fool your brain into 'seeing' three dimensions on a flat surface.
Do you smell like a shark? Find out what your nose knows by diluting something smelly in different concentrations using six jars, some food coloring and perfume.
Honey, I shrunk the polymer! Heat makes some materials expand, and it makes others shrink. In this experiment you will use unique shrinking properties of polymers to create ornaments, jewelry, a guitar picks and much more.
Contributed By: Kentucky Science Center
Like to make things explode? Create a soda explosion of bubbles using candy and soda.
Contributed By: Connecticut Science Center
Play with your food! How strong is your spaghetti structure? Find out with some marshmallows, raw spaghetti, raw linguine and some coins.
Contributed By: Sciencenter
Save the egg! Protect your 'passenger' from Newton's First Law with an egg, a toy truck, a brick, cotton balls, rubber bands and a Styrofoam cup.
Contributed By: National Science Center (Fort Discovery)
Take the two-straw challenge as you wait for the game to start! Discover how pressure can quench your thirst with a drink and two straws.
What do you get when you mix milk curds and baking soda? Try this experiment and find out if you stick to it!
Experiment with liquid dynamics as you design and build a clay channel that captures colored liquid.
Contributed By: Carnegie Science Center