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Teachers TryScience is a web site for teachers.  This site provides free and engaging lessons, along with teaching strategies and resources, which are designed to spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  What’s more, the site features collaboration tools to enable teachers to discuss and share effective instructional practices. 


Lesson Plans

5月 20 2017
ソース: Nandini
This is a very interesting experiment for children because they can see changes practically through...
5月 18 2017
ソース: MsNg
-create students' first electric circuit. -make use of Arduino to program the on and off of...
5月 06 2017
ソース: naguibmawad
DAN is the genetc material which controls all traits in all living organisms

Strategies & Tutorials

12月 27 2016
ソース: litonhalder
Students may get help from this circuit that what is series connection and parallel connection
1月 19 2016
ソース: newtechkids123
NewTechKids is proud to share our report of the EU Code Week 2015 teacher training pilot program we...
12月 22 2015
ソース: admin
Video Tutorial para Subir Unidades Didácticas