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Teachers TryScience is a web site for teachers.  This site provides free and engaging lessons, along with teaching strategies and resources, which are designed to spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  What’s more, the site features collaboration tools to enable teachers to discuss and share effective instructional practices. 


Lesson Plans

Dec 09 2016
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Play, learn, eat and repeat. Not all science requires expensive and hard to find chemicals or fancy laboratories. You can explore the fun of science in your own kitchen. Here are some science experiments and projects you can do that use common kitchen material. In this lesson, students will observe and get answers for everyday science related questions like; Why do cut apples turn brown?’, ‘why do onions make us cry?’, ‘ Why do popcorns pop?’ and ‘Why does milk...
Dec 03 2016
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Shapes like triangle, square, rectangle are known as 2-D shapes. But there are many solids (3-D) around us which can be describes as a combination of shapes which looks like different 2-D Shapes. We can see this by observing the objects from different angles.
Dec 02 2016
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Here along with learning about respiration, by designing some simple experiments themselves, the students will understand ‘what are the different parts of an experiment’, what are variables, and ‘what is the role of control in an experiment’.

Strategies & Tutorials

Aug 21 2017
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to create your image as a perfect science student (physics) in class
Jun 16 2017
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Learn about the breaking down of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms.
May 28 2017
Source: Electrical
This tutorial provides a method of solving two or more resistors in Series/Parallel Configuration


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