Give Me Biomimetic Shelter
Jun 08 2011
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biomimicry, engineering, design, ecology, ecosystems


Earth Science

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5-8 hours

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Grade 8 (Ages 13-14)

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This lesson is appropriate for all learners and encourages different ways of thinking and learning.

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I viewed theWhat is

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I viewed theWhat is Biomimicry? segment. Having been made curious during our Saturday session, I was most interested in hearing some examples of real-life biomimetics in nature, which were provided. The Velcro/plant burrs, wood glue/mussels & honeycomb structure were clear examples. After viewing, I was still curious about the other two examples. For example, I would love to have heard something basic about how lotus leaves self-clean, thereby meriting our aim to mimic them. Also, what is beneficial about the arrangement of a termite mound? The hot/cold animation that quickly followed was not clear. Finally, as an anatomy & physiology teacher, I would have liked a mammalian example. However, I know that you can not appease everyone, and there are some things that I would have to look up myself to present to my students.